The New Innovative TV System

This fall/winter 2017 will will be switching customers over to our new TV System with many new features! Look below for details!

  • Cloud DVR - All of your recordings will be stored in the cloud! This means that you won’t lose recordings if your cable box has issues.  You will also have access to recordings from all the cable boxes in your house.
  • Restart TV - Restart TV means you will be able to restart to the beginning of a program you have just tuned to.  You will also be able to pause live TV on any cable box in your home.
  • Local Weather App - The current weather will show on the info bar on your tv when you switch channels.  You can also get radar and a 5 day forecast through the menu.
  • What’s Hot App - What’s hot will show you what channels are the most popular with other customers on our network.


For Current DVR Customers - When we switch your TV boxes to the new system you will lose all of your current DVR recordings. Please stay up to date with watching recordings so you won't lose anything unexpectedly.