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Anonymous Call Rejection

Monthly Cost - $1.75

Allows a customer to reject incoming calls that are not caller ID identified.

To activate:

  1. Listen for a dial tone and press *77.
  2. Listen for confirmation and hang up.

To deactivate:

  1. Listen for a dial tone and press *87.
  2. Listen for confirmation and hang up.

Automatic Callback

Monthly Cost - $1.50

Keeps redialing busy numbers, telling you when the line is free.

To activate:

  1. After a busy signal, hang up. Lyft the handset and listen for a dial tone.
  2. Press *66. You will hear an announcement.
  3. Hang up.

Automatic Recall

Monthly Cost - $Free

Redials the last caller even if you can't answer in time.

To activate:

  1. Lift the handset and press *69.
  2. Listen to the message. You may hear an announcement telling you the number and time of the last person to call you.
  3. Dial 1 to call the number.

Call Forwarding

Monthly Cost - Free

Routes calls to any number you choose. Wherever you go, your calls will follow.

To activate:

  1. Dial *72
  2. Wait for the second dial tone.
  3. Dial the number where the calls are to be forwarded. Toll Charges will be billed to you number for each call that is forwarded long distance.
  4. The forwarded telephone will ring.
  5. Forwarding is set up if the ringing telephone is answered. If no one answers or the phone is busy, hang up and repeat the above steps.

To deactivate:

  1. Dial *73
  2. Listen for confirmation.

Call Waiting

Monthly Cost - $FREE

You will never miss a call while you are on the phone. A tone alerts you to another call coming in with a soft beep.

Caller ID Name & Number

Monthly Cost - $1.75

Displays the telephone number and the name of the calling Party.

Caller ID Number Only

Monthly Cost - Free

Displays the telephone number of the calling party.

Caller ID on Call Waiting

Monthly Cost - $1.75

Caller ID on Call Waiting displays the number and/or calling name of an incoming caller when the user is already on the phone. You must have Call Waiting and Caller ID.

Distinctive Ring

Monthly Cost - $3.00

One ring for your main line and a different ring for your fax line.

Do Not Disturb

Monthly Cost - $1.75

Find Me / Follow Me

Monthly Cost - $1.50

This feature allows you to configure additional phone numbers that will ring simultaneously with your own, such as your cellular phone with your home phone.

To activate: Dial 361. Dial 362.

Selective Call Acceptance or Rejection

Monthly Cost - $1.50

Allows a customer to store a limited number of telephone numbers for the purpose of accepting or rejecting certain incoming calls.

Speed Calling

Monthly Cost - $1.75

Allows you to dial your most frequently called numbers with a one or two digit code.

Telemarketer Block Feature

Monthly Cost - $2.50

This features allow a customer to reject private or non-identified incoming calls such as those from telemarketers. Callers with no incoming caller ID are routed to an announcement stating they have called a number which does not accept calls from telemarketers. All other callers may press "1" to complete their call.

Three Way Calling

Monthly Cost - $1.75

Allows a subscriber to add a third party to an existing conversation.

Toll Control With Pin

Monthly Cost - $0.90

Allows subscribers who wish to restrict their toll to override this feature on a per call basis with a PIN number. Incoming and local calls are not affected by this feature.


Monthly Cost - $4

Voicemail makes sure every call to your home or business is answered. No equipment is needed at your house as all the messages are stored on our servers. You can also access your voicemail messages through our web interface at

First Time Setup:

  1. Press *98 or dial 452-8888
  2. Enter your PIN, The first time you got into the system enter 000000# (6 zeros followed by the # sign.)
  3. You will be promted to change your PIN (PIN can be from 3 to 20 digits followed by the # sign)
  4. You will be prompted to enter your greeting, press # to keep your greeting or press 0 to chnage your greeting.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your name.

To Retrieve Your Messages:

  1. Press *98 from your home.
  2. Enter your PIN number followd by the # sign.
  3. You are automatically placed into the voicemail system.

Retrive Your Messages When you are Away From Home

  1. Dial 1-608-452-8888
  2. Enter your telephone number. You need to enter your area code followed by your seven digit phone number (608)xxx-xxxx
  3. Enter your PIN number.
  4. You are now in the Voicemail system.

Wake-Up Call

Monthly Cost - $1.75

Provides a reminder to make a call, keep an appointment or for wake-up convenience.

Prevents incoming calls from ringing by directing them to a tone.