Residential Internet & WiFi Pricing

High-Speed Internet Installation is $40/hr and usually takes about one hour, depending on the residence.

All customers are capable of getting at least 5 mbps high-speed Internet service.

Receive a $5 discount per month if bundled with Phone & TV services.

  • WiFi Service: $1.50/month
  • Additional 1 mbps upstream increments: $5.00/month 
  • Static IP: $10.00/month

*We will only offer 20MEG or higher if you do not subscribe to Phone Service.

*Customers on fiber optic have symmetrical bandwidth.

*We can offer higher upstream and downstream speeds in areas where we have fiber optic or VDSL technology.

If you have any questions on bandwidth, please call our office at 608.452.3101 or email us at